Eco-friendly brings differing meaning to different people. For some, it simply means environmentally friendly. To others, its about conserving the energy and preserving mother nature. It is indeed a broad philosophy concerning the improvement of the environment. Though opinions vary, we can all agree on one thing, it is about living a better quality of life without compromising the future.

The Green Glove campaign is our initiative to raise awareness amongst everyone on this. Our emphasis is the power of individual action - that means you - to create the change the world so much needs. We ideally believe in a future in which the ecosystem will be preserved, the earth will no longer be harmed and everyone’s health is in the pink.


Our products are made of 100% latex that is a natural and renewable resource. Latex is produced from the milky sap of the rubber tree which is then collected using the most environmentally safe, age-old process: drips in buckets, very much like that used for collecting maple syrup. The production of latex gloves makes the rubber trees economically valuable and therefore the trees are protected. These trees play a valuable ecological role in the earth’s fragile ecological balance by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which helps prevent global warming. Green Glove operates with an eye on the environment. We ensure that the organic materials harvested and the production processes are environmentally sound.